It's Called FUNdraising for a Reason...

Hands down:  We Bring Fundraising into the 21st Century.  

Whether you are raising funds for your school, church, youth group, athletic team, or band, our proven fundraising programs are the catalyst that helps your group reach their financial goals.  Our programs boast:

  • 50% profit back to your organization
  • Fast-selling, unique items that people want
  • NO inventory requirements which means ZERO risk to you
  • Quick shipment of your order so you can get the goods in the hands of your!

 Come learn what we're about:  Your organization's coffers will be glad you did.


How It Works

Our program is simple:

1. Your Smart Cell Representative will send you order forms that you can print and hand out to students.
2. Students collect the payments and tally the orders.  
3. Once tallied, send the sales figures to your rep.  We turn around and send you an invoice for payment. 
4. Once the invoice is paid, orders are shipped within 5 days, with tracking numbers provided promptly. 
5. After you receive your order in the mail, double-check the order for accuracy and then distribute.  

It's that easy.  

Best of all, our products come with a 90 day warranty, so relax.  We really strive to make this an awesome fundraising experience for you, the students, and the parents.


Still on the fence about using our fundraiser?  No problem.  See what others have to say: 

"David, I never dreamed that the best fundraiser we would have all year would be Smart Cell 10' charging cables. The excitement and buzz generated from this fundraiser blew me away! Because of Smart Cell Fundraising, we are able to completely finish paying for our band trip to Disney and we'll have money left over!! We look forward to working with you and Smart Cell for many years to come!"

Todd Peak - Tennessee High School Band Booster President

Todd loved us so much, he made a video about us!  


"If you are looking for an alternative to the fundraising norm of wrapping paper and cookie dough – Smart Cell is the answer.  We experienced nothing short of excellence with their simple ordering process, exceptional customer service, quick product delivery, and profitable fundraising products!  Smart Cell is an outstanding company, which we will recommend time and time again."

Tanya M. - Fossil Ridge High School


Check out the winners of our very first incentive program!  An extra $320 was awarded for the top 4 students, with 1st place receiving 50%!  Ask us how your school can participate in The Prize Pool to get top participation.



Let's Raise $$$ Together

To learn how Smart Cell can be your go to fundraising tool, contact:

David Mitchell
Director of Fundraising
(561) 312-1909


See what all of the rage is. Check out our Perfect Trifecta and Selfie Stick Stocking Stuffer fundraisers, all for iPhones and Androids.




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