"Being a part of a school that has many organizations, selling candies and popcorn can get old very quickly. That is why selling cell phone accessories is the way to go. With an easy ordering process, great customer service and an outstanding profit percentage, you’re going to want to do this fundraiser every year! Nothing beats these easy to sell, everyday use items."
- Acuña, Edinburg North HS Mariachi

“If you are looking for an alternative to the fundraising norm of wrapping paper and cookie dough – Smart Cell is the answer. We experienced nothing short of excellence with their simple ordering process, exceptional customer service, quick product delivery, and profitable fundraising products! Smart Cell is an outstanding company, which we will recommend time and time again.”
- Tanya M., Fossil Ridge High School

“David, I never dreamed that the best fundraiser we would have all year would be Smart Cell 10' charging cables. The excitement and buzz generated from this fundraiser blew me away! Because of Smart Cell Fundraising, we are able to completely finish paying for our band trip to Disney and we'll have money left over!! We look forward to working with you and Smart Cell for many years to come!”
- Todd Peak, Tennessee High School Band Booster President

“It works and it was exactly what we needed!”
- Aileen

“Great for the price. It came on time and it works great for my digital cameras.”
- Sara

“Best universal battery charger I've had yet! It holds the battery in place while charging and it takes no time to recharge your battery.”
- Jessikha

I should have purchased this product sooner. It is amazing and I recommend it to everyone!
- Haley

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